(Drug and Alcohol) Responders

Do you regularly come across people with drug and/or alcohol problems in your line of work? 

Would you like to be able to offer advice, information and support in these circumstances? 

We can help you to help …

Accredited training

The Public Health Agency (PHA) and the five local Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams (DACTs) across Northern Ireland recognise the important role that those working in wider support services can and should play in relation to supporting people to become more aware of their issues in relation to alcohol and/or drug misuse and, most importantly, to seek help.

We have developed our two day accredited Drug and Alcohol Responder course because we know that with the right information, training and support people will have the confidence to ask the right questions and to signpost people in the right direction.


Basic drug and alcohol awareness


On the types of services and support available in the locality and how to access them


How to ask relevant questions in the right way


Online via a dedicated section of website accessible only by trained Responders as well as ongoing advice and support from the local DACT Connections service

Trained Responders are also encouraged and supported by their local DACT Connections service to take part in our regional initiatives such as ‘Dry January’ and Northern Ireland’s ‘Alcohol Awareness Week’ (third week in June every year).

Already a trained Responder? 

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Become a Drug and Alcohol Responder

If you would like to find out more about the training please contact your local DACT Connections service to register your interest.



028 9084 0555



028 2568 9306



0800 254 5123



028 3832 2714



0800 254 5123

There are currently a limited number of places available in each area until the PHA evaluates the programme (taking place during 19/20). You may therefore be asked to complete an application form and wait until the next training course becomes available however the Connections team will keep you engaged and informed.

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