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Drug and Alcohol Responder

The Public Health Agency (PHA) and the Connections services across N.Ireland recognise the importance of working with those not directly involved in drug and alcohol support or services but who regularly come across people with drug and/or alcohol needs. We know that they – with the right information, training and support – could make a difference by having confidence to ask the right questions and signpost people in the right direction. Our two day, accredited Drug and Alcohol Responder course offers you the training, and more importantly, that confidence, to be able to make a difference!

Responder training course 

Responders also have ongoing support from their local Drug and Alcohol Connections team. The team can make Responders aware of opportunities to get involved in local and regional drug and alcohol initiatives taking place in the local area – things like ‘Dry January’ and Northern Ireland Alcohol Awareness Week (third week in June every year).


Basic drug and alcohol awareness


Information on the types of services and support available in the locality and how to access them


How to ask the right questions in the right way (using FRAMES)


Access to a dedicated online webpage and platform for further information

Become a Drug and Alcohol Responder

Contact your local DACT Connections service to register your interest.

There are a limited amount of training places currently while we evaluate the service. You may therefore be asked to complete an application form and wait until the next training course however the Connections team will keep you engaged and informed.

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